Product Warranty

Product Warranty

Due to an amendment in the Fair Trading Guidelines, there have been some changes to our warranties and returns policy. However, the basics remain the same and we will always try to help you with any issue that may arise with equipment sold by us.

Currently there is no flat remedy for a warranty claim and the course of action depends on the circumstances. Claims are assessed on a case-by-case basis. A course of action may include repair, replacement, refund or having the service performed again.

  • All products sold by us are GENUINE ORIGINAL products procured direct from respective brands. We will facilitate the process in an event of claim.
  • Manufactured defective products can be replaced for free, however product replacement is a discretion based on manufacturer and their respective warranty.
  • We are here to help you and provide you best customer service.
  • We will take necessary steps to satisfy you to keep you as our customer.

Product Replacement: Customer will be responsible to pay shipping and handling fees in an event if manufacturer guaranties a free product replacement. Additional charges may apply if the replaced product is not of the same manufacturing year and or is a different model

Batting Glove, Pads Warranty: 4 Month Manufacturer's repair/replacement warranty against stitching. Scratches and or tear off due to foul play is not covered. For example batsman diving to save himself getting runout, this voids manufacturer warranty. 

Cricket Helmets: 1 month manufacturer's warranty on manufacturing defects

Protective Padding's such as thigh guard and inner thigh guard: 4 Month Manufacturer's repair/replacement warranty against stitching. For example batsman diving to save himself getting runout, this voids manufacturer warranty. 

Cricket Bat: 4 Month Manufacturer's replacement warranty

There is definitely no warranty on products with moisture damage, bat damage that occurs due to a lack of preparation (knocking-in) or damage that occurs because of improper use or paid knocking service. For example broken handle, bat cracks from the bat toe or edge starts chipping or wear and tear due to improper bat knocking. Bats must also be either extra-tech or oiled correctly for a valid warranty. Labels/stickers are also to be kept on your bat or warranty may be voided. Bats with broken handles, cracks and other minor problems that occur can be repaired at an extra cost. If a bat breaks in two pieces within the time of the manufacturer’s warranty, manufacturers may at their discretion send a free replacement.

It takes an average of 14 working days to assess and/or repair the problem in conjunction with manufacturer. Most claims cannot be remedied on the spot.

Repetitive and excessive use against a bowling machine can severely decrease a bats lifespan. We recommend you be mindful of the amount of use your new bat receives from a bowling machine within its first 18 months of purchase.

When claiming a warranty, proof of purchase needs to be provided to the us by the customer. Proof of purchase is either a receipt (which is provided by the us with every purchase) or a valid bank statement.

Please remember:

Cricket bats are made from a natural material that has the incredibly hard task of hitting a solid object repeatedly. A small amount of cracking is normal and has no impact on the performance of the bat. Small cracks can usually be sanded out and have been appearing on cricket bats for centuries. Cracking is not a sign of a faulty bat, but an indication your bat requires further knocking in.

A cricket bat is NOT going to look new forever and cracks will appear on the willow.

The lifespan of a bat depends on how much it is used and how well it is taken care of. You should keep your bat out of excessively warm conditions and wet weather. A toe guard/shoe should be fitted for extra protection against toe damage.

Please keep your bat away from extensive use against bowling machines for around 18 months.

Endless hours can be spent knocking-in a bat but this must be done correctly & well enough as per the guidelines above.

Our staff needs to see the product to arrange the correct course of action following a warranty claim.

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